Express bets: yes or no?

Express Betting: Yes or No?

In almost any bookmaker’s website, one can find stories about the big winnings of their customers on express bets on the principle like: “Ivan I. bet 1000 rubles, collecting express from 10 bets with a total odds of 500, and won half a million as a result.” Moreover, most likely, these stories are genuine, since documentary evidence of the rate is also given here.

Obviously, such cases attract the attention of other customers of bookmakers, and create the opinion that, with a certain share of luck, the rest can, by spending a small amount, break a good jackpot.

But the trouble is – they make one bet, another, third, but all the time some trifle does not allow them to win: then in one of the matches the favorite will suddenly misfire, then the most reliable goalkeeper will suddenly miss the “butterfly”. And as a result, the bank gradually merges completely. So is the game worth the candle? And if so, how to reduce the risks of such rates?

Expresses with high chances to win
By such expresses we mean a set of several events, one of which should occur with a high probability (for example, the victory of Barcelona over one of the outsiders of the Spanish championship), say, 90%. However, in this case, do not forget that 10% remains that this event will end with a different outcome, and the whole bet will burn.

The degree of risk is obvious. Once the author of these lines gathered an express of four events for the qualifying matches of the European Football Championship, simply putting favorites in victories in fights like England-Liechtenstein or Germany-Malta. It is clear that the final coefficient turned out to be something around 1.4. The bet ultimately played, but it is recalled that in one of the bouts the desired result was achieved only in the time added by the referee.

It is worth remembering that if you collected an express of 10 bets, in each of which bookmakers estimate the probability of winning one of the teams at 90% (or 1.11 with the decimal system), then the probability of your victory in the end is approximately 2.84, or 32, five%. Let us explain that the calculation is made by simply raising the number 1.11 to the tenth power.

And with 80% chance of winning favorites using the same simple calculations, we get a figure of only 10.7%, which can hardly be regarded as a good probability over a long distance, even if you are an extremely lucky person.

Common Express Options
Options for tactics of amateur players trying to catch a good luck tail bird on express bets, as a rule, are as follows:

the favorite game we have already mentioned, as a rule, with a large number of events on the express;
several (most often three to four) events with coefficients of about 2;
two or three bets on outcomes with a low probability (odds 3 and above).
However, professional players can place express bets in this way unless for the sake of simple curiosity. In addition, often amateurs put expresses instead of several odnars simply because of the limited funds on the game account, which, in principle, cannot be for professionals.

Placement of express bets from the point of view of professionals
Nevertheless, there are still professional players who specialize in combined bets. At the same time, they often benefit much more than their counterparts who bet solely on odinars.

Professionals are aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of placing express trains. So, to the negative aspects they include a higher commission on the lines, lower limits for each individual event, and the need to wait for the end of all games in order to fix the profit.

At the same time, from their point of view, there are several positive aspects. This is a much larger payout compared to the same number of single bets, the ability to combine bets using current odds, placing a number of bets with an advantage, and the ability to bet large amounts using the “system” option. The last two points deserve a separate explanation.

As for placing bets with an advantage, we’ll consider this example for clarity. You want to bet 200 rubles for two different matches. The estimated probability of winning for each bet is 50%. The bookmaker offers odds of 2.1 for each of the bets with single, and 2.09 for the combined bet. As a result, you can choose from two options:

A: a bet of 100 rubles for each match with a coefficient of 2.1;
B: a bet of 200 rubles on an express train of two events with a coefficient of 2.09×2.09 = 4.368.

Now about bets like “system”. This is a kind of express, in which bets are placed on all combinations of selected outcomes of events. Without delving into the various options for combinations, we can only say that professional players are able to benefit from the “system”, using each of them “their own” team, as a result of which they are confident, and thus increase the betting limits.

To summarize, let’s say that with a competent approach and a correct assessment of risks, express bets are quite capable of making a profit in the long term.