Volleyball Betting Strategy

Volleyball Betting Strategy

Since volleyball is considered a rather non-standard game sport in which players of competing teams almost never come in direct contact with each other, placing bets on it is a very specific process. And, in our opinion, it is volleyball bets that can allow betters to benefit from a long distance.

Something about the rules of volleyball
Six people play volleyball on each side on a rectangular court with a length of 18 meters and a width of 9, which is divided in half by a highly stretched net (its height in men’s competitions is 243 cm, and in women’s competitions 224 cm) and the line drawn below it. The goal of the game is to throw the ball to the opponent’s side so that it touches its half of the court, or make the players of the rival team make mistakes.

In this case, the following are considered errors:

touching the ball by players of one of the teams more than three times in a row (except touching when blocking an opponent’s blow);
touching the ball by one player twice in a row;
touching the grid during the game;
kick on the ball off the court when returning;
spacing on the line of the court when serving the ball.
Most often, the ball is hit by the hand, although it is not forbidden to use other parts of the body. The game goes up to three victories in games, with each game playing up to 25 points (in this case, the difference in the score should be at least two points, so that with a 24:24 score, the final numbers can be 26:24, and even 35:33 , etc.). An exception is the situation when after four games the score is 2: 2 – in this case the fifth, decisive game is played up to 15 points.

In each game, the team is allowed to make six substitutions. All players of the team are dressed in the same uniform, except for the so-called libero, which can neither serve or block the balls, it is also forbidden to change it according to the usual rules.

The main markets in volleyball betting
The outcome of the match. As in other team sports, bookmakers offer their customers to guess the winner of the match. There is, of course, no one in volleyball.

Handicap in batches. Such bets seem to “equalize” the chances of rival teams. For example, if the handicap for one of the teams is -1.5, this means that the bet will win if this team wins with a score of 3: 0 or 3: 1, and loses with any other final score. On the contrary, a bet with a handicap of +1.5 will win if this team does not concede with a difference of two games.

Total parties. Betters in this case are invited to guess the total number of games. For example, betting on total over 3.5 means that to win it is necessary that the match ends with a final score of 3: 1 or 3: 2, but not 3: 0.

Major tournaments
When betting on volleyball matches, it is important for betters to know which tournaments are the most important in this sport. Volleyball is presented at the Summer Olympics, which take place every four years. World championships are held with the same frequency – male and female.

In addition, continental championships are being played, and since last year, a tournament has been held called the League of Nations (replacing the World League for men and the World Grand Prix for women). Of course, national championships and cups are also held.

Volleyball Betting Strategy
The peculiarity of this sport is that here the form of this or that player is not such an essential factor, as, for example, in football or basketball. In volleyball, teamwork and team cohesion are much more important, which directly depends on the number of matches played. On the other hand, in large tournaments, games often take place with short breaks between them, which affects team fatigue and differences in training levels. All this must be taken into account when placing bets.

If you follow the so-called Pareto law, which states that not the most popular sports provide higher accuracy of results, then volleyball is exactly what you need. Explore volleyball markets, gain experience, and success in volleyball betting is bound to happen!